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Most zine sites/websites are simply just a copy of the print pages. This is great to see exactly how the print reader has it. But since we are on a different medium (web) a zine should be built to take interactivity and flow into account in a different way, like a ZineLab zine does.
The top zines are calculated with only a few simple factors. How many comments a zine has (gauging interest) and the ratings given to that zine. A zine with a few good reviews will be in a better spot than one with many comments and few reviews. This allows for the best quality zines to show first. Voted by the users and not hand picked.
A ZineLab zine is a curated collection of media packaged in one issue. A blog will house an archive of articles, focusing on an individual article. And a website may at times look similar, but our ZineLab zines make use of a number of specific componets that you can package along in a "themed" zine issue. The idea is to distribute a new issue as a package or "edition". Built so you can easily do all of this yourself, just like a print zine.
The free plan allows you to create up to 6 zines. For access to more than just basic zine components/templates, you can upgrade to premium. Click here to see more about ZineLab plans.
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